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One platform with everything that a crypto trader needs
Trader0x is the all-in-one cryptocurrency trading platform. It allows you to trade on multiple cryptocurrency exchanges from one secure account on both desktop and mobile. Our mission is to make trading effortless and more profitable for both beginners and professionals.

Trading made simple

One account for all the top exchanges. With Trader0x you can access any exchange, anytime, anywhere.

by Default

Rest easy knowing that all sensitive user data will be encrypted. You remain the only one with direct access to your funds.

Innovative experience

Trader0x offers modern interface features with powerful functionality so that you can trade like never before.

Protect your funds

Stop losing funds on corrections and fake news. Save money by minimizing losses when the markets move with Trader0x.
What is inside

Powerful Trading Platform

Trader0x is developed to revolutionise your trading experience.

Enchanced Trading

Execute advanced trading orders including ‘trailing stop-loss’ and ‘take profits’, the 'panic sell' button and many more.

Limit Losses

Minimise losses with powerful features that protect your funds against huge market corrections. Stay green.

Seamless experience

Trade and manage from a single control center that runs on both desktop and mobile.

Stay Informed

Spend less time monitoring the latest news and important upcoming events. Trader0x will track the essentials for you.

Cross Platform & Cloud Based

Trader0x is designed to serve on all platforms: web, mobile and desktop. Always stay on course, wherever you are.
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Smart Trading

Trader0x allows you to place advanced orders on multiple cryptocurrency exchanges and rebalance your portfolio from one powerful control center.
Trade Everywhere
Optimised trading experience through your browser or mobile device.
Many Exchanges
Trader0x supports all major exchanges including Binance, Bittrex, Bitfinex and more.
Order History
User-friendly order history and information about all opened orders.
Panic Sell Button
When all markets are red, just press one button to protect your funds.
Ladder Orders
Set strategic orders with a single click.
Drag'n'Drop Rebalancing
Drag'n'Drop instant rebalancing of your portfolio has never been so quick and easy.
OCO Orders
Combine a stop order with a limit order to realise maximum efficiency.
Trailing Stop Orders
Get maximum out of the orders and protect yourself from losses.

Advanced Portfolio Tracker

Sync by design, see your full portfolio on all exchanges updated automatically.
Sync Automatically
View your latest portfolio data synced automatically.
Cloud Based
Affordable portfolio analysis saved in cloud storage.
Portfolio Groups
Group your altcoins in a list and track their performance.
Trading Strategies
Adopt popular trading strategies or create your own.
Goals & Achievements
Maximise profits by setting and achieving customizable goals.
Track Investments
Access comprehensive tools designed for long-term investors to track their funds.
Customisable Reports
Receive customised portfolio reports as regularly as you desire.
Shareable Portfolio
Share your investment plans with the public or privately with friends.


1 year
  • BTC
  • ETH
  • XMR


3 months
  • BTC
  • ETH

Short game

2 days
  • DGD
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News Monitoring & Analytics

We know how important it is for a trader to stay informed. Trader0x provides instant access to all important news and upcoming events.
News Center
Save time by receiving all your essential news in one place.
Events Calendar
Track listings on new exchanges, hardforks and other events.
Multiple Sources
View aggregated data from Twitter, Reddit, Facebook and 20+ other sources.
GitHub Tracker
Follow the most actively developing projects with Trader0x.
Custom Alerts
Never miss an opportunity with our built-in alerts center.
Drag'n'Drop Widgets
Customise widgets so that you can track what is important to you.
Machine Learning
Our algorithms provide smart sorting based on hype to give you the best results.
Social Activity Tracker
Track user growth on social networks to identify popular projects.


Start of Trader0x

  • Vision transformed into Business Plan.
  • Initial White Paper released.
  • Detailed planning and creation of project roadmap.
Q3 - Q4 2017

Initial Funding Stage

  • Raise initial funds.
  • Release public working demo version of the Trader0x platform (web version).
  • Launch the marketing campaign.
  • Commence community building.
Q1-Q2 2018

Public Beta Release

  • Release beta version of the trading platform with core functionality.
  • Commence development of mobile apps.
  • Expand the development team.
  • Official platform launch.
Q3 2018

Official Release

  • Release trading platform and Portfolio Tracker with full functionality.
  • Commence development of the News Center module.
  • Official iOS mobile app launch.
  • Official Android mobile app launch.
Q4 2018

Community Building

  • Build a strong community for cryptocurrency traders.
  • Launch new marketing campaign to educate the wider community about cryptocurrency trading.
Q2-Q3 2019

Desktop Clients

  • Official Windows and OSX desktop release.
  • Release of the open SDK for developers allowing them to create their own widgets and plugins for the Trader0x platform.
Q4 2019


Meet the talents behind Trader0x. These people are highly motivated to create the platform that will help millions of traders.
Yura Kovalev

Yuriy Kovalev

A serial entrepreneur, Yuriy has worked with some of the largest companies in Russia such as Raiffeisen Bank and MegaFon. He is now a professional cryptocurrency trader and investor.
Stanislav German

Stanislav German

Chief Technology Officer
A team leader with over 15 years of experience in IT as well as an expert in Elixir and NodeJS. Stanislav’s team has created a secure crowdfunding platform for Alfa Bank and he holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science.
Dima Blover

Dima Blover

Product Design & Co-founder
Award-winning designer with over 8 years of experience in UX and UI design. Founder of Dima’s clients include IBM, Microsoft, HP, T-online and Invision. He is a long-time crypto enthusiast.
Alexander Isora

Alexander Isora

Product Manager
The co-founder of itmeo, he runs an interview blog called CryptoHackers, the Bitcoin Forum CryptoHeresy and a news aggregator He speaks and writes about Bitcoin.
Tom Heller

Tom Heller

Chief Operating Officer
Founder of BlocX, a blockchain consultancy, Tom combines his passions for cryptocurrencies, strategy and a deep understanding of the Chinese market to head up our Growth team. Tom is also a professional cryptocurrency trader and investor.
Kate Kharitonova


Support Champion (Ru)
Alina Komarevtseva


Social Manager (Ru)


Didier Delaval

Didier M. Delaval

Legal Advisor
Didier has a proven track record and expertise in international law, negotiations, projects management, supply chain management, value chain development, etc. based on multi sectorial experiences.
Ben Tossell

Ben Tossell

Community Relations
Former community lead at Product Hunt and AngelList. Ben has helped to build a sophisticated and solid startup community. He is also the President & co-founder of tokendaily.

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